My Commitment To You

My Commitment to You as a Home Seller

My job isn’t just to list your home in MLS and hold an open house.

When I represent you as a home seller, you have my commitment to provide you with dedicated and focused service with one goal in mind: to maximize your selling price. This starts with preparing your home for sale and setting a price, and continues with presenting your home in the best possible light and marketing it to as many prospective home buyers as possible.

What makes me different?  

No two listings are the same, so they should not be marketed in the same way. Your listing will have a custom marketing plan designed to maximize awareness and create interest among prospective buyers.

And at no cost to you, your home will be professionally staged and photographed. Home staging offers a distinct advantage in helping you get a speedy sale. It not only has a positive effect on home value, but it can also cut the amount of time on market to help get you a speedy sale.

You will get customer service beyond compare, including weekly reports with the number of visitors looking at your property online and searching in your area, as well as direct agent feedback from all showings. 

What to Expect from Me: Preparation + Pricing + Presentation + Promotion

Preparation | Repairs & Contract Work, if necessary

I will help you prepare your home to be listed, along with suggestions on changes that may help maximize your selling price. I also have an extensive list of contractors should you need this resource. I can recommend contractors, or I can go as far as to manage any repairs or other contract work from new flooring to painting to room remodels.

Pricing | Setting a Sale Price to Maximize Your Profit

Together, we will determine your selling price based on market comps and real estate activity in your local area, and based on your needs and goals.

Presentation | Professional Staging & Photography

Your home will be professionally staged and photographed at no cost to you so as to present your home in the best possible way to attract home buyers.

Your home will be staged professionally using a combination of items in your home and/or professional staging items, which may include home décor, furniture or other items.

Home staging is followed by professional architectural photography – interior and exterior – at no cost to you. Aerial and twilight photography may be used as needed.

Promotion | Custom Marketing Plan – Comprehensive & Strategic

Marketing your property is more than just listing it for sale in the realtor MLS and holding an open house! I will develop a custom marketing plan designed to create awareness and interest in your property as soon as it is listed – and in some cases, before it is listed.

Once your home is listed, it will be marketed both online and offline with a comprehensive marketing plan that will include in-home color brochures and take-one flyers, print advertising, direct mail and email campaigns, targeted “just listed” postcards, social media marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn), as well as weekend open houses to bring prospective buyers into the home for tours.

To increase views of a listing online, we pay for the additional features on top real estate search sites that allow us to showcase more of a home’s features, as well as community & lifestyle amenities.

And while your home is actively listed, you will receive weekly internet and home search reports by email. These reports will show you the number of times your home was returned in an online search on and the major real estate websites such as and Zillow. They will also show you how many times your home was shown to a prospective buyer or buyer’s agent, as well as the agent feedback from each showing.